Baby Dolls & Accessories

Baby Dolls & Accessories

Unique Baby Doll Accessories in Australia

Research shows us over and over again that pretend play is extremely valuable to the cognitive and social development of children. At Growing Kind, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver inclusivity in Australia through all of our toys. After all, we know that no two kids are the same.

Our range includes various ethnicities, as well as different hair textures and traditional clothing options. We also stock mini baby dolls, aimed at introducing children to playtime, along with a gorgeous range of sustainable extras to go with our toys Discover a huge selection featuring classics like the ever-popular shopping trolley, stroller and bassinet.

Benefits of a Mini Baby Doll

Specific toys such as mini babies and their accessories prove super beneficial for young ones, as they offer the opportunity to practice social interactions, speech, hand-eye coordination and skills such as sharing and decision-making. Here are just a few of the additional benefits your little ones can expect through important playtime:

  • Social Skills: Acting scenarios out with toys helps to improve things like verbal communication, facial expressions, non-verbal cues, gestures and body language. They allow little ones to understand family dynamics. With the help of parents and educators, it is easy to teach little ones about different family make-ups, skin colours, cultures, adoption and disability.
  • Compassion: Pretending that their baby is crying, hungry or needs a nappy change is a great way for a child to learn about compassion. Growing Kind stocks a range of accessories to support this, including bottles, beds and highchairs. This also supports imagination and responsibility.
  • Self-care: Whilst dressing, feeding and napping, a toddler learns a keen sense of wellbeing and self-care practices. They may brush their teeth, put clothes on the right way, get adequate sleep, eat the right foods and clean their hands and faces.
  • Language: We see little ones talk to their dollies all the time. While it’s incredibly sweet, it’s also a great way to learn and practice communication, negotiation, sharing, compromise, and soothing.

Browse through our collection and place your order today. For any queries, you get in touch with our friendly Growing Kind team – we’re always here to help you.

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