Dramatic Play & Food

Dramatic Play & Food

Kid’s play kitchens

Cooking is a fantastic creative outlet for toddlers – and when they see you doing it, they’ll want to join in. Growing Kind’s collection of cookware and utensils allows them to create, learn and engage with items that promote healthy development within the home or their educational centre.

Our selection features quality miniature utensils that are child-safe, sturdy, and allow for hours of self-directed exploration. Best of all, you can join in and show them the ropes as they follow along with their own instruments. One day, you might just be preparing meals together. Why not start early?

Bring the charm of a wooden play kitchen into your home

Wooden toys are always a beautiful gift. Made to endure all kinds of activities, timber designs are safe, beautiful and easy to care for.

Made in the shape of stoves, bowls and cooking utensils, these offer the opportunity to learn, grow and recognise meal preparation objects, then understand their function. Whether used with imaginary ingredients inside, or with child-safe components that emulate the real deal, these miniature designs educate little ones and add charm to the space.

What’s more, a healthy relationship with food and meal preparation forms. Try telling stories around how fruits and vegetables grow, the traditions behind dishes, and the goodness of home cooking. A little care goes a long way, and will help to normalise the practice of preparing dishes for little ones of all ages.

Kit out the space with Cavallini vintage posters featuring natural fruits, vegetables and more for a thought-provoking twist to interiors that can be enjoyed by all.

Off to a healthy start

Learning about the body never stops. From birth, kids explore new tastes, smells, textures and experiences through their senses. Each new encounter builds their experience, and they love to explore.

The tongue is directly connected to the brain – so new foods stimulate more than just just their taste buds. That’s why our Sensory Play Prompts are so great for babies and toddlers.

We recommend moving on to these gorgeous kitchen pieces for ages two and above. Once your child is at that age, feel free to bring them on board and let the fun begin.

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