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Welcome to the Growing Kind Community!

I’m Amie, the sole creator & director of Growing Kind.

I am basically just like you: a mum who dreams of sleeping through the night and drinking her hot coffee in one sitting!

I’m a huge advocate for PLAY, with a love for AUTHENTIC learning experiences, and a huge appreciation for the raw beauty of NATURE. My parenting and teaching philosophies take on a holistic approach to educating the ‘whole child’. A holistic approach to education views children as unique and whole beings; each with varying physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual qualities. Holistic Education views learning as organic, emergent and experiential as children interact with the natural world and within their community.

I’m the mother of two beautiful girls who are my biggest teachers and a survivor of post-natal depression and anxiety. I searched desperately for my village in the early days, and I was left short and alone too often. My goal is to help mothers recognise their true capabilities and live the amazing life they so deserve! 

 “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” – Aristotle

Amie xx

My Story

My motherhood journey is well underway; with two young children close in age, I am constantly in awe of these little humans. Watching them make connections, experience the world and show such amazement in the littlest things for the very first time has really humbled me and inspired me.

As a qualified Early Childhood Teacher, educating children in the early years is my professional expertise. Over the past 9 years my career has evolved throughout management, curriculum advisor, mentor and teaching roles in some of Brisbane’s most elite and well-reputed childcare centres. This has involved creating and teaching government-approved Kindergarten programs and implementing the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum. Each child, each class and each family that I have encountered in my career holds a special place in my heart; building partnerships and focusing on each child’s unique characteristics is a priority for me. I have specialist research interests in attachments and bonds, sensory processing and nature play, which all intertwine with my mission to instil evidence-based practices into my philosophy.

Soon after becoming a mother (and realising the huge and immense complexity and vulnerability of the job) I realised that I wanted to share my knowledge with other mothers and educators.

With Growing Kind, I aim to offer a unique range of high-quality wooden toys that nurture Childs natural development. I aim to empower this generation of learners to be self-aware, mindful and competent. Mostly, I promise to offer kindness every step of the way.

Lastly, I vow to care; not only about your child, but also you too! Being involved in the Growing Kind community is an opportunity for you to experience self-care and join a village. After all, we are all on this sleep-deprived, caffeine-restricted, supervised-toileting-trips journey together right? It takes a village to raise a child; come join ours and let me support you!

About Growing Kind

1. Give Back to the Community

We make monthly donations to Babe Give Back. We have also donated prizes to charities and events including PANDA, The Big Latch On, Fire Victims Australia and Warrior Mail.

2. Care for the Environment

We use recycled or reusable packaging wherever possible. Our canvas drawstring bags are sustainable made and can be reused as library bags or toy storage.

3. Empower Parents and Educators

We acknowledge and respect that families are their childs first teacher. We help guide, support and educate families on latest early childhood research. We share inspiring quotes and spread kindness across our social media platforms.

4. Enhance the social and emotional wellbeing of our next generation

We share open-ended resources to help stimulate children creative play. We foster play-based learning practices in all of our activities and encourage positive values and dispositions rather than traditional letter and number learning.

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