Baby & Toddlers

Baby & Toddlers

Infant toys for Integral Development

At Growing Kind, we’re all about facilitating pathways to education, learning and progression through our range of accessories. Our goal is simple: provide children with easy to use, safe and sustainable equipment that promotes growth, imagination, fun and contribution.

Immersive Toys for Toddlers

Designed with little brains in mind, our collection of infant developmental playthings aims to support your little ones in some of the following areas:

  • Increased focus and alertness: We know that playing supports the development of little ones as they tend to concentrate on their dolls, games and puzzles for a longer period of time than compared to watching tablets or TV. Introducing educational toys earlier at a toddler age is a great way to refine their concentration levels, leading to a more comprehensive ability to pick up new things later in life (such as at kindy, school-age and beyond).
  • Problem-solving: Our range of educational aids are a fantastic way to boost intellect and promote free-thinking, as they encourage your little ones to move things around until they fit, use basic counting, shapes and colours to progress the game. Our collection of puzzles, stacking and building playthings are all brilliant for this, and enhance spatial awareness through repetitive use.
  • Movement: Using toys is a great way to advance motor skills. Items such as our wooden block trays or beechwood abacus advance fine skills with little hands and fingers, whilst our wooden sit & ride and push along fox works the overall body and muscles. In addition, the introduction of colours, noises, images and lights encourages little ones to enjoy new sounds and images with new animals and objects.
  • Develop emotions: Through role-playing with toy animals and dolls, children learn to take on different emotions through sharing, communication and bonding. Our range encourages the growth of social intelligence that supports your children as they deal with feelings of happiness, sorrow, irritation and confusion.

Have a browse through our collection of baby toys online and place your order with us today – then watch your little one’s face light up as they play and explore, learn and grow.

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