Curious Me

  Curious Me is a sensory playgroup, owned and operated by sister team, Kaycee and Angie, on the outskirts of Logan City. With an extensive background and passion for early education, Kaycee programs and runs our classes, providing a range of play ‘experiences’...

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2019 & Taking Control

  I have a question for you… When was the last time you really thought about your emotions? Aside from the – “gosh I'm tired today”, or, “I'm feeling ok today”. Was it today? Was it within the last month? The last 6 months?   BY JAZZE - THE CALM...

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Beautiful Average

Before children you imagine what your days will be like. Playing in the park, making fruit salad and brushing your little ones hair. No one tells you that they’ll all run off in opposite directions, that they’ll only eat the fruit salad if the apple is not touching...

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Raising Kind and Compassionate Kids

Kindness noun 'the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.  “Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.” ~ Mother Teresa A huge goal as parents is to raise children that anticipate and do nice things for other people in...

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Is free play a waste of time?

“FREE, unstructured play is a waste of time for kids and babies” an extract from the Sunday Mail on July 22nd, 2018. The article interviews an educator whom suggests that free choice, open-ended play that occurs in early childhood settings is a missed opportunity for...

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Nature Play July

Nature Play July #natureplayjuly Nature Play July is just around the corner! 31 days of inspiration to get outside and wild in nature. Each day has a word prompt to inspire you to get outside and focus. Download the fridge printable below: Nature Play July is a...

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Baby Eye Development: Why Black and White?

Have you ever noticed that your newborn is drawn to specific toys or items around your home and then other things just seem completely invisible to them? I welcome Bianca from My Little Booky Wooky to explain the reasons behind this... Have you ever noticed that your...

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Yoga, Kids and Mindfulness

She spent her childhood reading books until all hours at night. Her childhood was quiet and simple as she progressed into adulthood. Becoming an early childhood teacher she came to love children’s books in particular but sometimes she found the choices available to...

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Surviving 2 under 2: Top 10

In a few days I’ll be the mother of a 1 year old and a 2 year old. I never planned to have such a close age gap but fate had other plans. Its bittersweet that my baby girl is turning one particularly because I don’t plan on having any more children. Looking back over...

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Why is art so important for kids?

Well you have heard it from me countless times; ART is SO imperative for our children's learning and development. So, instead of telling you again I thought I'd invite Arts & Craft professionals from Castle & Kite to share with you. Alana and Melissa are the...

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How to be a Wildflower

So many of you messaged me wanting to know the book that I used to introduce the Crystal Discovery Kit. I’m a huge children’s book nerd and a loud advocate for reading from birth. I’d love to introduce you to my new favourite Nature Study book..   ‘How to be a...

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Why give children Crystals?

There is no denying that Crystals are beautiful and we are naturally and internally drawn to them. But why? Even further, why are our children so attracted to crystals? I’m so thrilled to have Ainsley from Arwoken joining us today to explain…     I originally created...

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Fine Motor Skills

FINE MOTOR SKILLS; Im sure you've had them mentioned to you once, twice or a thousand times! We know they are important, but why? I'm so thrilled to have Kirsty Gibbs from @learningblocksaustralia joining us today to explain... Kirsty began her career as a teacher in...

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