12 ways to celebrate play with Nature

There are so many reasons as to why I'm a huge advocate for getting the whole family outside and playing in Nature. Its so good for your child's sensory system but its also so good for mothers mental health. I'm so glad to welcome Erin from celebrateplay to present us...

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How to colour Rice; a step-by-step guide

Have you been putting off colouring rice because it seems too hard? I know I was, but honestly colouring rice is one of the simplest sensory recipes you’ll ever follow. Once you try it and see how well received it is by children you’ll regret not doing it sooner!...

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How to make Edible Slime; a step-by-step guide

Edible Slime Commercial slimes and most recipes on the net contain harmful ingredients including glue, borax or other thickening agents. I would never advise for a young child to play with commercial slime as we know they like to explore with their mouth or suck their...

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Homemade Gummy Lollie Hearts

Homemade Gummy Lollies without the guilt! A healthy snack for your sweet heart this Valentine’s Day. Benefits: - No added sugar - Protein rich - Whole Fruits - Quick and simple - Added extras can be hidden - Healthy snack What you’ll need: - Silicone heart shaped...

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Why is my child SO messy?

Wether it’s the dreaded meal time or your child’s bedroom; they all have one thing in common: MESS! It helps to know that is completely normal and we’ve explained why. Most people are familiar with our 5 senses: sight (visual), hearing (auditory), touch (tactile),...

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About the Creator; Soundsations

I'm Amie, the sole creator and director of Soundsations. I am basically just like you: a mum who dreams of sleeping through the night and drinking her hot coffee in one sitting! I'm a huge advocate for PLAY, with a love for all things MESSY, and a huge appreciation...

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‘Rainbow Rice Flakes’: a step-by-step guide

Rainbow Rice Flakes are a relatively simple sensory experience that is ideal for beginners. Rice Flakes also provide a gluten free alternative to oats. ?What you will need: Rice Flakes (available from the health food isle at supermarkets) Colouring (you can opt for...

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