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Small World Play refers to imaginative exploration with pieces such as miniature trees, animals, dolls or cars.

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Small World Play accessories and toys

Small World Play refers to imaginative exploration with pieces such as miniature trees, animals, dolls or cars. Little ones use their hands to engage with little creatures, dolls or scenes, using their heart and head to express knowledge of the environment around them in a creative way. This kind of expression has no rules. It can occur with a purposefully set up activity, or often children will create their own miniature settings with resources available to them.

We have a range of natural toys to help create the landscapes and scenes to encourage fun interactions. Our favourite pieces are the natural handcrafted ethical felt from Papoose, or perhaps the mini fairy homes from maker Himalayan Journey. Explore the full collection and let your toddlers tell stories with the gorgeous pieces at hand.

These also pair well with our signature Nature Play Prompts, and make for beautiful keepsake pieces that can be passed down through the generations. How lovely is that?

Small World Play makes a big impact

Having scaled-down versions of the objects, animals and settings around them helps your children to explore and get familiar with their environments.

Countless stories can be told. Try introducing pieces one at a time, then pointing them out when you see full-scale version. Whether it’s a furry friend or an element of nature, the impact will show in real-world encounters when your child comes face to face with outdoor life.

That’s exactly what our tiny sets do – nurturing healthy mental and emotional connections with living and man-made things. As you watch, your little ones will express situations and feelings through the scenarios they create with these toys. This can offer more insight into your child’s development than any words can – so it’s worth paying attention.

Provide the resources for a creative environment

The power of the imagination is limitless. The moment you give your children something to interact with, they’ll turn it into a story that expresses their understanding of the world around them.

Present your little ones with their own set of miniatures and watch them switch between the real and the imagined with ease. Pair them with our posters, like our Cavallini range, to add cues and landscapes into the mix. There really are no limits on how toddlers put these objects to use.

Order yours online today and get ready to watch fun sessions begin.