Blocks & Construction

There’s something special about the way wooden blocks inspire creativity and learning in kids. As they build and play, children are using their communication skills, practicing math concepts, and using their imagination to create something all their own. It’s a joy to watch the enthusiasm and curiosity on their faces as they explore the possibilities of building with these classic toys. So if you want to give your child a fun and educational way to play, consider adding some wooden blocks to your toy collection – we think you’ll be amazed at the creativity and learning that ensues.

Blocks & Construction
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Showing 1–12 of 344 results

Enhance your child’s spatial intelligence and imagination with construction

Building sparks creativity inside children, encouraging learning through play. As kids build, they use their communication skills whilst applying mathematical thinking. Isn’t it wonderful to see the enthusiasm in a toddler while drawing inspiration to build something of their own?

Blocks are the most versatile learning resource and a must in every home or classroom. At Growing Kind, we have a wide range of these in all shapes, sizes and colours to enhance your little one’s imagination.

Spark their imagination through wooden building blocks

Construction is not just limited to blocks – in fact, trucks, marble runs, toolboxes and tool tables equally inspire kids. We also have some wonderful natural vehicles to complement your set.

Choose from our different categories of eco-friendly natural items:

  • Our magnetic kits allow kids to create sturdy and beautiful structures. These are 100% natural and safe to use.
  • STEM toys are a great way to integrate education with fun through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Children start learning concepts which develop and nurture concepts of innovation.
  • Stackers, sorting shapes, and threading chunky beads get your toddler using their ever-more nimble fingers. It helps them develop ideas about size, shape, texture, weight, density and distance. 

Open-ended possibilities

We are sure you must have heard the argument that ‘open-ended’ toys, like blocks and stackers, are the best. Open-ended toys mean endless possibilities and provide heaps of opportunities and conversations.

Check out our beautiful range of resources that your little ones can be curious about and discover learning on their own.

Free convenient delivery

All our toys and wooden building blocks are available online and are delivered all across Australia.

At Growing Kind, we make sure we take care of the environment, so all orders come in a recycled or reusable packaging.