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Spark endless fun with Grimms wooden toys

Grimms, Spiel und Holz Design are a family-owned and sustainably managed German manufacturer, producing natural, high quality and safe wooden toys to officially certified standards.

These pieces invite interaction to develop little minds through creative engagement. The simplicity of each object sparks kid’s imaginations and allows them to flourish. We love these beautifully crafted objects, as they lay down the groundwork for solving complex problems into the future.

Shop from Australia’s Grimms stockists

Growing Kind founder Annie Hankinson spent years as an Early Childhood teacher before starting up her own business. In that time, she encountered all kinds of play equipment and methods, and noticed the effects these had on her pupils.

Decorated with non-toxic paints, the timber products from this German-made natural toy manufacturer have always been beneficial for exploration, and Annie couldn’t wait to bring them to Aussie homes. Years later, we proudly stock the 100% child-safe range through our online store, ready to reach kindergartens, schools and homes across the country.

Babies and toddlers can explore shapes and sights with all their senses. Many designs come in sets, which can be expanded and introduced a little at a time, aiding learning and development.

Even after your child is grown, you’ll want to hang onto these as ornaments for your space – we certainly do. Alternatively, create the perfect setting to spark imagination with our vintage Cavallini posters and let creativity flourish before your eyes.

Invest in quality timber craftsmanship

In a sea of plastic and electronic products, timber stands out. Used for centuries, these classic designs are made especially for little ones. They continue to prove their value today, and will retain it far into the future.

Besides having a natural texture and taste (as we know little mouths will explore them), the toys engage the brain and stimulate thinking. The simpler the object, the more possibilities there are – which is something that we fully support.

Start your own timeless collection today and invest in the tools to stimulate healthy development and imagination.