Developmentally Appropriate Gift Guide for 5+ year olds

BY Alicia mason – for growing kind

Have you been wondering what to get your 5+ year old?

We have compiled a list of 5 year old gift ideas that are super fun to play with, and they are developmentally appropriate. As you read through our 5+ year old gift guide you will notice we have given you the WHY for each item, and constantly referred to play schemas. Please refer back to our “What are Play Schemas?” to learn more.

Hands, Head & Heart Play

Why? As children get older they are getting more skilled at following instructions and rules, and may be more inclined to create something for an outcome, rather than just the process. They may also use creating and craft as a stress relief or a family bonding activity. Activities that stimulate the hands, head and heart at the same time are a favourite at Growing Kind.

Crystal Affirmations / Mindfulness / Mindful parenting

Art Materials

Why? From 5 onwards, as children get better at following rules and instructions, they may be ready for more advanced art materials. These art materials will allow them to feel competent to turn their plans into reality, and to learn specific art techniques that may be harder to with poster paints.


Paint Holder and Glass Jars

Outdoor / Nature Play

Why? Sadly less than 47% of Australian children are getting enough active outdoor play. Outdoor play makes children happier, healthier and smarter! It’s also been proven to have a positive impact on mother’s mental health, which allows you to be a more productive and passionate parent. Let’s keep children in touch with the natural world and support their ongoing curiosity.

Magnifying Glass


Games & Family Activities 

Why? From 5, children are getting better at rule following and cooperation, and may enjoy bonding with family over board games. These types of games are helpful with social skills required for school and life beyond.

Handmade Paper Kit Eco Gift kids Eco gift


Why? Children love learning and plenty of research has been formulated to support learning through play and hands-on approaches.

tactile number wooden set with wooden marbles


Why? Growing Kind has a book club for ages 3 – 7 years, created by an education specialist, where they deliver two large books and a paper handout with suggest activities and learning experience each month. This can be a really good Christmas gift, and a great way to grow a child’s library.

After 8, children are beginning to really expand their view out to others and the world. Books like Earth Heroes, Everybody Counts, and Be Your Best Self explore larger themes appropriate to this wider world view.

the moon

This gift guide has been written by Alicia Mason specifically for Growing Kind. You can contact Alicia over at @filltheirbucket

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