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Worry stones (also called palm stones or thumb stones) are smooth, polished gemstones, used for relaxation or anxiety relief.

To use, hold the stone between your index or middle finger and thumb.  Gently move your thumb back and forth across the stone.  Notice how soothing it feels.

Ways worry stones can help:

  • Worry stones are a discreet way to manage anxiety in public. Keep a stone in your pocket and rub it if you find yourself becoming tense. If you have test anxiety, rub the stone during an exam.
  • Rubbing on a worry stone certainly relieves stress. When combined with prayer, meditation and intention, this can have multiple benefits. 

Growing Kind’s worry stone is made from Onyx, chosen for its inner and physical strength.  Onyx: 

  • Increases your endurance and persistence, helping you to see any task through to completion. 
  • Sharpens your mental focus, helping you meet what is ahead with mastery and confidence. 
  • Boosts the retention of memory and helps you control, focus, and direct your will. 
  • Emanates self-mastery and facilitates an increase in personal power, while calming any nervousness and anxiety, and soothing hot tempers.

Please note: The Onyx worry stones come in a variety of colours and shapes and will be intuitively chosen for you.

Suited for adults or children 3 years +

Please supervise younger children 5 and under as the stone crystals may cause a choking hazard.

11 reviews for Worry Stone

  1. Leah C. (verified owner)

    Not a very authentic feel

  2. Jess

    Perfect gift for loved ones going through a tough time, a teenager through high school and great to gift yourself too! This is my ‘go to’ when looking for something small to uplift a friend – consistent, quality crystals with a great price.

  3. HOLLY (verified owner)

  4. Brooke (verified owner)

    This has been the perfect tool to calm my little one’s anxieties when she is feeling not so brave. She calls it her “brave” stone and it has special powers to make her brave when she is worried or scared, like when she is starting a new activity, meeting new people or going to the doctors.

  5. Sarah (verified owner)

    This has been perfect in my pocket, touching it when those feelings of anxiety begins to arise.

  6. Karen (verified owner)

  7. Camille Aniversario (verified owner)

    My daughter loved this and it is my hope that it will assist in her anxiety.

  8. Jessica (verified owner)

    I got this as a diversion for my anxious little one to curb him chewing on his fingers and drawstrings- it has worked well so far but was no match for my little destructive one. A little resin and glue seems to have fixed it for now

  9. Angela (verified owner)

    It’s beautiful & such a nice concept.

  10. Christie (verified owner)

    It is great for my son, really helps him clam and relax

  11. Timeka M. (verified owner)

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