How do I get my little one to sit still for more than 2 minutes?

How do I get my little one to sit still for more than 2 minutes?

Concentration, Attention Span and Focus….. these are areas that all parents question of their children at one time or another.

Luckily we have Jennifer from @where_learning_meets_play; a teacher and mother to six children to put our mind at ease. Jennifer shares 10 tips for planning activities for children, and gentle ways to slowly build upon their concentration.

1) Know your child. Use what they like as part of the activity. If your child hates flowers, don’t use flowers. If they love trains, use trains in the new activity even if it doesn’t make much sense.

2) Don’t set rules or tell them how to do it/what to do. Set it up and let them explore.

3) Don’t ask them to play, but start playing yourself. They want to do things that they see we value. If you play, they will join you.

4) Sit close, or work close. Fold washing next to the activity, or set it up nearby while finishing work for work.

5) Accept that not everything works for every person. Children have preferences just like adults.

6) They may not be ready. Children develop at different rates. Be patient.

7) Use the same activity (like a play tray) a few days in a row. It gives them time to think about it and come back later.

8) Concentration takes a long time to develop with little ones. Keep trying and over time concentration should improve. I find reading books they love helps to extend concentration.

9) Ask a friend or sibling to play too. Making it social can be fantastic for some children. Often children learn from each other.

10) Relax. Well done you for trying!!!!


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