Push Mower Roller (Aussie Nuts) by Awe & Wonder


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The youngiana gumnuts are encased in a handcrafted timber cage. When rolled along the ground the youngiana gumnuts roll over the dowels in the cage creating a rhythmic sound, when shaken the gumnuts moving inside the cage create a totally different sound and learning adventure.

lawn push mower
Push Mower Roller (Aussie Nuts) by Awe & Wonder

Another creative resource with many facets from Awe & Wonder!

The Quondong is a native plant found in the central deserts and southern areas of Australia and is featured through use of its seedpods in this roller.

The quandong seeds are encased in a handcrafted timber cage. When pushed with the attached handle the quondong seeds in the cage roll over the dowels creating a rhythmic sound. The sound will vary depending on how fast the roller is pushed.

The quandong push roller will allow children to explore sound, speed and movement. When in use it enhances large motor development and spatial awareness. Through discussion children will have opportunities to connect with country and our local flora. They will be able to discuss concepts that link with early numeracy development and expand on their scientific knowledge.

Dimensions: 83 cm (L) 17.5 cm (W)


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