Life Cycle of a Salmon Figurines by Safari Ltd


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Encourage your child to investigate lifecycles with these cleverly designed figurines! Build and unpack the story of the salmon fish life! Recommended for 3 years+.

Life Cycle of a Salmon Figurines by Safari Ltd

Salmon embark on an incredible journey, beginning as eggs in freshwater streams, maturing into adult fish in the ocean, and returning to their birthplace to spawn before their life cycle ends. This set of 5 figurines vividly illustrates each stage of the salmon’s fascinating life, offering a tactile way to explore their lifecycle. All products are non-toxic and BPA-free, ensuring safe play for curious minds.


About Safari Ltd (the maker):

Throughout its 30-year history, Safari Ltd. has strived to educate children about nature and conservation through play. Safari is well known for the manufacture of plastic life-like animals and miniature animals (toobs). In order to create extremely durable and realistic figurines, our sculptors and artists meticulously study and research every animal.


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