Sensory Board by Freckled Frog


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Sensory play at its best with this generously sized, fun-filled sensory board!!  Opening, closing, locking, unlocking, drawing, twisting, turning, moving, spinning. The board measures 36x36cm. Recommended for ages 3+


Sensory Board by Freckled Frog
Sensory Board by Freckled Frog

The Sensory Board is an entertaining and educational activity play board that builds dexterity as kids navigate latches that hook, snap, click, and slide. Preschoolers will enjoy our learning toy’s many activity centers. This board inspired toddler Busy Board to promote hands-on learning, self-dressing skills, colors, math, shapes, cognitive and problem-solving skills, and fine motor development. Sensory play at its best with this generously sized, fun-filled sensory board, Opening, closing, locking, unlocking, drawing, twisting, turning, moving, and spinning. Made with high-quality material FSC Plywood and metal.

Sensory Theory

It has been estimated that 85% of the brain grows before the age of three, according to the Sensory Theory of Education. Our Sensory Board is handcrafted by professional teachers with 20 years of education experience. A baby’s ability to think independently and solve problems requires constant observation and unbuckling. Guide children’s extension and cognition, encourage interaction between children and parents, develop diversity and cultivate children’s multiple skills. Now is the time to make your child the next Einstein.


  • Ages 3 and up are suitable for this product.
  • The board measures 36x36cm.
  • It is possible to connect each lock in a different way.
  • They can develop logical thinking skills and spatial concepts.
  • From an early age, babies can learn the most common things in life.


About Freckled Frog (the maker):

As a leading manufacturer of educational toys in Australia, The Freckled Frog designs and manufactures a wide range of educational toys to inspire children’s love of learning. Our wooden toys encourage exploration, experimentation, and learning about the world around children while having fun. Through the love of learning, we empower and inspire children through the creation of innovative, high quality learning resources at a global standard. As part of our commitment to conservation and wildlife protection, we only use FSC certified wood in our entire range, including our small world toys.


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