Three Circle Puzzle (Baby Deluxe Range) by QToys


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Our Circle Puzzle is tailored for children aged 12 months and up, offering a delightful way to hone their cognitive skills. With consistent circle shapes, little ones can focus on matching each circle to its corresponding hole, promoting concentration and problem-solving abilities. Measuring 20cm by 8cm, this puzzle provides a perfect balance of challenge and fun for young minds eager to explore and learn.

Wooden Three Circle Puzzle
Three Circle Puzzle (Baby Deluxe Range) by QToys

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Introducing our Circle Puzzle, thoughtfully crafted for little ones aged 12 months and above. With consistent circular shapes, children can focus on matching each circle to its corresponding hole, enhancing concentration and cognitive skills. Measuring 20cm x 8cm, this engaging puzzle provides a delightful challenge while promoting early spatial awareness and dexterity development.


About Q Toys (the maker):

The Quins Group is a Melbourne-based, Australian owned company that designs and manufactures educational toys, teaching equipment and children’s furniture.  Their vision is that a child’s skills of self-learning are critical for the child’s future success in this information age.


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