Guidecraft, a prominent brand in early childhood education and consumer markets, specializes in systems-based STEM toys. In addition to these educational toys, Guidecraft offers a diverse range of furniture, gross motor products, and social-emotional items. Together, these offerings form a distinctive and comprehensive collection that caters to both US and international markets for early childhood education and consumer needs. Shop at Growing Kind to explore our wide selection.

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Guidecraft: Igniting Learning Through Play

Guidecraft is a pioneering brand in children’s education and play, renowned for its STEM-focused toys. Beyond toys, Guidecraft offers an array of furniture, gross motor products, and social-emotional tools, making it a trusted name in the global early childhood education and consumer markets.

STEM at the Core

Guidecraft’s commitment to STEM education is evident in its innovative STEM toys. These engaging products enable kids to explore science, technology, engineering, and math concepts while having fun.

Complete Development

Guidecraft goes beyond toys, offering furniture, gross motor items, and social-emotional products. Their furniture enhances learning environments, while gross motor products promote physical development. Social-emotional tools support emotional intelligence.

A Global Impact

Guidecraft’s quality and innovation reach international markets, benefitting educators and parents worldwide.

Guidecraft: Where Play and Learning Unite

Guidecraft is synonymous with quality, innovation, and holistic child development. From STEM toys to furniture and more, it’s a brand dedicated to nurturing young minds through play.