About the Creator; Soundsations

About the Creator; Soundsations

I’m Amie, the sole creator and director of Soundsations. I am basically just like you: a mum who dreams of sleeping through the night and drinking her hot coffee in one sitting! I’m a huge advocate for PLAY, with a love for all things MESSY, and a huge appreciation for the raw beauty of NATURE.
My motherhood journey is well underway; with two young
children only 20 month apart, I am constantly in awe of these little humans. Watching them make connections, experience the world and show such amazement in the littlest things for the very first time has really inspired me.
I am a qualified early childhood teacher and have specialist research interests in attachments and bonds, sensory processing and
nature play, which all intertwine with my mission to instil an evidence-based program where ‘kids can be kids’.
I am on a mission to reduce my families footprint and am slowly learning to become more eco-conscious and make more sustainable household choices.
The last 12 month haven’t come without overcoming huge obstacles. With an early diagnosis of PND I’m learning to focus on self care, gratitude and living more mindfully. In my role at Soundsations I hope to not only reassure you, but also empower you in your role as your child’s first teacher.
Whilst I continue to run our Seven Senses program in South East QLD, this month will see our online shop open showcasing other Australian nature inspired products and a blog full of motherhood stories and sensory play ideas. Each item has been hand picked to fit within our unique philosophy.
I absolutely LOVE getting to know new families~ so please reach out if you ever have a question or even to just say hello.
Thanks x

Photo credit: @samantha.jane.photography
Blanket: @mummycouture
Instrument: @marchingbambino
Book: @playfullittlelearners

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