Why is art so important for kids?

Why is art so important for kids?

Well you have heard it from me countless times; ART is SO imperative for our children’s learning and development. So, instead of telling you again I thought I’d invite Arts & Craft professionals from Castle & Kite to share with you.

Alana and Melissa are the founders of Castle & Kite. Melissa is an early years teacher and Alana is a paediatric pharmacist with a background in child health and development. Both Melissa and Alana design and produce their products as well as write content via their blog and social media, about childhood development topics, specifically focusing on 
early childhood education and health promotion advocacy.

Art can be considered messy, disorganised and stressful, and if your kids are anything like ours, paint is up their arms and in their hair before you have even finished laying out the paper. Despite the 400 coloured pom poms scattered across the floor, glue all over the table and glitter on EVERYTHING, it’s undeniable that ART for kids is fun, valuable and so important for learning.

Art and craft activities develop fine motor skills, teach concentration and encourage critical thinking. Beyond this, art is free of rules and enables children to experience multiple perspectives as they make creative decisions. ‘Art is about the process not the product’; a simple but a profound statement. As parents, we can easily find ourselves correcting, providing advice or trying to perfect our children’s creative interpretation. We mean well. It’s our role to support and guide our children. However, by not taking a step back and not leaving our children to explore and experiment, we are somewhat discrediting the value of their imagination or interpretation. The value of a child’s creativity is not in the final product but in the time, effort and process that they took to get there. Children are naturally creative, inquisitive and willing to explore – art is the perfect canvas for allowing freedom and self expression. It may take some getting use to, but the benefits of Art for our children and their development far outweigh the mess and mild anxiety that it may bring.

So, how do you introduce more art opportunities into your family’s day-to-day activities?

Providing creative opportunities for our children that are outside our normal ‘go to box’ and that provide variety (such as collage, construction, threading, and process art) can be time consuming to organise. Don’t worry – we can help out! Castle & Kite’s craft boxes ensure imagination, interpretation and fun, with minimal mess and no preparation. Each craft box is themed, sparking curiosity and discussions with your little one, is full of stimulating activities that develop fine motor skills, encourage self-expression and inspire creative thinking. Castle & Kite have a subscription arrangement so you can be totally organised with crafts for months! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know when we launch new products. Kids Party Packs and Free Craft Workshops coming soon!


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