It’s Autumn already ?

Autumn is the perfect time to get outside and exploring! Turn it into a learning experience by asking your children some thought provoking open-ended questions. Observe and highlight the changes happening to the foliage and temperature. Here’s my top 5 outdoor play activities that require no resources and can be done from anywhere!!

1. COLOUR HUNT: Choose a colour and have your child find something in the garden that matches that colour

2. STICK PLAY: Build a miniature stick house using small stickers and mud

3. SCAVENGER HUNT: Search the garden for particular objects (ant, spider web, flower) or objects that start with certain letters

4. ROCK PLAY: Sort rocks by their size from smallest to largest and see who can make the tallest rock tower

5. WATER PLAY: kids love getting wet, add some measuring jugs or a sprinkler to double the fun!

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