Wheel of the Year – Southern Hemisphere

Southern HemisphereSouthern Hemisphere

Wheel of the Year – Southern Hemisphere

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This beautiful wooden Wheel of the Year displays all the months and the beauty of the seasons as the year passes. The illustration includes many traditional festivals, animals, wild plants and flowers. 

Our lives are richer and our children’s lives filled more deeply when we connect to life’s intuitive cycles:

“We need to find festivals at once religious and united with the life of nature which can also unite us simply as human beings” (John Davy – Lifeways).

When we begin to connect with our celebrations as more than merely traditions, we naturally turn to festivals that came before and feel that connection to the past. It is then we can see how religious festivals were woven into the rhythms of the year, and how the rhythm of the planets and cosmos still beat now guiding us like heartbeat and leading us through each year. We hope that this wheel of the year will help you to connect whilst also being a beautiful addition to your home. 

This unique Waldorf inspired piece can be used as a wall plaque, table centre or special day celebration centre.

The wheel is approximately 26cm wide and 4mm thick

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Weight 800 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 3 cm

2 reviews for Wheel of the Year – Southern Hemisphere

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is beautiful

  2. Carla (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful addition to our seasonal table and a visual guide to our year, perfect for all ages.

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