Maya Civilisation Wooden Building Blocks by Kubi Dubi


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The legacy of the ancient Maya civilisation which began all the way back in 250 AD, is not only in their great architectural structures, but also in numerous mysteries surrounding them that are still waiting to be solved.

The Mayans culture and achievements are extensive. They developed the science behind astronomy, calendar systems and hieroglyphic writing while their incredible architectural structures were all built without the use of metal tools.

Introduce your little explorer to the incredible world and history of the Mayans with this beautiful wooden block play set.

Each set contains 130 wooden blocks which allow for the construction of an infinite amount of grand structures in the spirit of great civilisations.

Each set comes in it’s own wooden box.

Measurements: L: 32CM W: 31CM H: 12CM    Weight: 4.5kg

Material: Linden Wood

Age Guide: 3 years+


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