Eco Bricks Bamboo Education (Set of 180) by Once Kids


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Eco Bricks Bamboo Education (Set of 180) by Once Kids

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Create a hands-on learning experience with Once Kids and the Eco-bricks™ Bamboo Education Set! The Eco-bricks™ bamboo construction blocks are the perfect sustainable addition to your classroom! Students will be able to hold a natural element in their hands and see the beautiful, natural grain of the bamboo blocks. They are also naturally anti-microbial and can be used in a group setting with ease! Use Eco-bricks™ Bamboo construction blocks as an introductory lesson into Sustainability for the classroom! To further inspire little ones in their cognitive development, we developed lessons to compliment the Eco-bricks™ Bamboo Education set. Create a Nature Sensory Bin using the bamboo blocks along with items found outside at home or at school! Kids will have fun exploring the different textures and they can document what they discover!


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