An Aussie Christmas Gum Tree


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Join Possum and his bush friends in this rhyming read-aloud story, perfect to share for an Aussie Christmas.

From his lofty watch post, Possum is drawn to the sight of a distant tree covered in sparkling trinkets. A Christmas Tree, according to Kookaburra. So begins a quest in which Possum and his crafty crew of helpers try very hard to decorate their very own Christmas gum tree from Bowerbird’s treasure trove. But it’s not as easy as you might think!

An Aussie Christmas Gum Tree

Bits of blue, bits of red, hang some yellow up instead!

Add the magic of rhyme as your child discovers some secrets to decorating a Christmas tree.

Created by an Aussie author and an Aussie illustrator, An Aussie Christmas Gum Tree gives a wonderful insight into some Australian creature antics!


Recommended for ages 3+. Younger children must have adult supervision to prevent pages from being torn.


This storybook makes an excellent addition to any library.



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