ABC Picture Boards by Melissa & Doug


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A versatile starter kit to support your young one learn the alphabet, these ABC Picture Boards encourage letter recognition, matching and fine motor skills.

Create letter-focused activities with the removable letters in uppercase and lowercase.  What letter should we practise today?  ‘F’.  How does the uppercase and lowercase versions look the same/different? What sound does the letter F make?  F,f,f,fish. What can you see around us that might start with the letter F?

To get more hands-on make some dough or use our Magic Sand and encourage your child to press the letters into it.  Practice writing each letter by using their finger to trace over the letter shapes formed.

Recommended age is 4 years +

Includes 13 double-sided boards and 52 colourful letters, both uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

Sturdy wooden construction for years of play.


About Melissa & Doug (the maker):

With headquarters based in Connecticut, USA, Melissa & Doug make toys and other products that offer countless ways to play! We believe the best playthings are often simple concepts that inspire children to come up with their own twists. With everything we create, we hope to encourage free play, creativity, imagination, learning and discovery.

While building this company, Melissa and Doug raised a family of six kids!!


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