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Puzzles, Games & Activities

The Best Kids’ Puzzles in Australia to nurture little minds

Toddlers take in so much of the world around them, building new skills and adapting to their environment around them. Problem-solving is a crucial cornerstone in their cognitive-developmental journey, and jigsaws can be extremely helpful in this.

Build their memory and logic with educational puzzles

The process of putting together puzzles for toddlers will not only improve your little one’s logical thinking but also sharpen their memory. Logic helps them understand if the piece doesn’t fit, and memory plays a role when they find the right place to fit that piece. Puzzles also help build nerve connections to the brain, which eventually help children to comprehend complex tasks better and faster.

Engaging with the world around them

Jigsaws are a fantastic resource for learning. There is so much more to them than just vivid, engaging colours and shapes. At Growing Kind, we have a highly educational collection of jigsaws which will help kids learn about animals, words, the alphabet, numbers, colours, vehicles and much more.

When your child completes the puzzle, their delight and satisfaction not only leave you in awe but also encourages kids to solve more of them. This will improve their ability to sort colours, sizes and shapes.

Encourage their early development

When you choose a toy for your little one, you want to be sure it focuses on their holistic development and improves their interactive abilities.

The Growing Kind range is featured in thousands of playrooms across Australia. They are not only visually beautiful and engaging, but they invite children to explore. Each is crafted from the best materials, making them durable and long-lasting. Our literacy and numeracy collection encourages play-based learning.

Enjoy time with your little ones, all while developing foundations for some crucial abilities.

Shop from our extensive range for babies, toddlers and beyond, and get them delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in Australia in a sustainable recycled or reusable packaging.

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