Sensory Stimulation & Therapy

Sensory Stimulation & Therapy

Heighten your little one’s senses with baby sensory toys

From an early stage, children start processing information as they explore the world around them. Playing helps to develop their senses through introducing new textures and materials, further enriching their development.

Sensory toys for babies

Helping little Aussies with this crucial aspect, Growing Kind offers numerous suitable resources which promote touch, sight and sound. Our range embraces their early years when they learn skills which are a foundation for later in life.

We have puzzles, stackers, dolls and blocks in different colours, shapes and sizes that give them the ability to engage and interact more than ever before. This encourages prompt learning and independent thinking. It also inspires imagination and creativity.

It is extremely interesting for kids to learn about new things around them, which enhances their confidence in leaving their comfort zone. Limited only by imagination, this allows every child to get creative and explore their surroundings.

Build their confidence in new situations

Sensory toys at Growing Kind help children to adapt and be comfortable in new situations. This way you can help to increase their awareness, enhance their motor skills and enable them to communicate effectively by promoting language development.

Widen your child’s perspective

Inclusive toys teach your little ones to be kind to everyone despite our differences and promote diversity.

It’s crucial for kids to learn to live with everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, body type or disability. It is therefore extremely important to teach diversity as it promotes a positive racial/ethnic, gender, and cultural identity development.

Browse our latest collection at Growing Kind for an elegant range of high-quality products to choose from. We ship right across Australia, directly to your door in sustainable packaging.

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