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Mindfulness Education and Tools for Calm, Conscious, Creative and Connected Families

“Mindfulness is a tool by which we can integrate the body and mind and be alive in every minute without getting lost in our thoughts.”


Welcome lovely Mumma, I am so grateful that you are here!

Everyday I hear from mums that are struggling to find their inner purpose, and gain their identity back after motherhood. I too was that mumma; struggling to be present with my children and wanting to scream or run away at any chance.

If you are a mother than I can almost guarantee that you’ve gone through a period of feeling stuck, upset, lost or frustrated with life. It’s a period early into motherhood, usually after the newborn bliss bubble has popped and you feel paralysed about the possibilities of the future. You start to realise how much your life has changed, you start to tire of always putting yourself last, your body hasn’t bounced back like you expected, you search for old hobbies but discover they no longer satisfy you, and inevitably you feel lost, alone and resentful.

My mission is to help transform your motherhood journey from BUSY, BURNT-OUT and STUCK to a place of INTERNAL HAPPINESS, PURPOSE and PRESENCE. Amie-Jane (Life Coach, Teacher and Speaker) brings you a supportive community that gently nurtures you through your mindfulness journey.

Join our weekend retreats, group coaching programs, memberships or one-to-one sessions, each catered for your needs.

You can live the happy life you deserve, whilst remaining true to your values. I am here to guide you with the 4 C’s of Mindful Motherhood:
Calm, Connected, Creative and Conscious

If you’d like to read my story or the Growing Kind philosophy then head over to the About Me page.

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