Sensory water bead How to make Edible Water Beads; a step-by-step guide

Traditional Water beads are a fantastic and ridiculously cheap sensory resource. However I wouldn’t suggest using them for children under 3 years, and I would always use them under strict supervision. They are made of toxic materials so they aren’t ideal for mouthing children.

Our Edible Water Beads are safe to be consumed and I use confidently with my baby and toddler.

– Saucepan
– Food colouring of choice
– 1 cup Tapioca pearls (available from Woolworths or Asian Grocers)
– 2 cups of water

– Add water and tapioca pearls to the saucepan
– Mix in food colouring to the desired colour
– Continue stirring over a low heat for 5 minutes
– Remove from heat and allow to cool

NOTE: Over cooked Tapioca Pearls will result in a sludge/ slime which is still lots of fun!

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