Living with Intention; Make 2019 your best year yet…

Living with Intention; Make 2019 your best year yet…

A simple list to ensure you start the year full of intention and conscious living practices…

  1. Start a Garden

“Your mind is like a garden, your thoughts are the seeds, you can grow flowers or you can grow weeds”. Not a green thumb? Me either! However the sense of purpose and satisfaction I receive from a growing new crops each year brings me so much joy. Firstly its good for the soul, secondly it adds to the aesthetics of your home, thirdly growing your own vegetables and fruits is a healthy alternative to store-purchased-pecticide-ridden produce. Start simple- herbs such as mint, rosemary and chives are easy to grow. Vegetables such as beans, tomatoes and lettuce are also super simply. Attend to your garden daily and create a rhythm with your family. We generally head out to care for our garden late in the afternoon (I do the caring, the kids do the mud digging) then head inside for a shower. 

2. Buy a Journal

Journalling is a healthy way to express both positive and negative feelings. It allows you to ‘get stuff off your chest’ and vent without causing any damage/ harm to others. Journalling is also a great tool to help you celebrate your achievements; occasionally you can look back and celebrate how far you have come. I suggest starting with a cheap blank book and pen. Make it your mission to journal for at least 5 minutes every night before bed. If you have young children then get everyone their own blank book and encourage ‘creative drawing’ time each day. 

3. Set Goals

Im a firm believer that your goals should scare you! Make your goals pretty damn huge but also keep them in the realms of ‘realistic’. No goal setting to turn into a sparkly unicorn unless of course you find that realistic. Goals should be broken down; start with the big ones, then set small steps to achieve this. They can be broken into quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily. Remember that your goals must only be about you as you are only in control of yourself and your behaviours.

4. Plan a Holiday

Is there anything better than having a date to look forward to? Plan a holiday and book it in so there is no backing out. It doesn’t have to be huge. If budget is tight then go camping? Everyone deserves a vacation! You will find a way to make it work.

5. Declutter your Home

What if having less gives you the chance to be more? Christmas and school holidays can see an influx of new items entering your home. Some items are welcomed, however some can be a purchase that wasn’t given much intention. Ive got a whole Pinterest Board with checklists and education on decluttering, check it out here: Minimalist Board

I am personally a fan of minimalist and Kon Marie methods to cleaning; both slightly different but effective. Find something that works for you! Donate where possible.

6. Volunteer / Donate

Research shows that volunteering makes people happier. Why? You get to learn a new skill, it gives you a sense of purpose and if you are a people pleaser (like me) then you will love knowing that you’ve had a positive impact on someones life. If you don’t have the time to volunteer then consider donation. You don’t have to donate money (although you can) other alternatives include donating old items to lifeline shops, or list free items on your local buy, swap, sell.

7. Make a Cloudy Day Box

This activity is adapted from the Growing Kind ‘Mindful Mumma Prompts’.

A cloudy day box is a special box that you pull out and use on the hard (cloudy) days. Everyones cloudy day box will be a little bit different, this is what I’ve included in mine:

  • books- self help and inspirational quotes
  • printed affirmation cards
  • Tahitian scented candles (my favourite)
  • Mandala colouring in and sharp pencils
  • Sad movies (The Notebook, King Kong and I am Sam) everyone enjoys a good cry
  • cosy socks (pink fluffy)
  • face masks (self care is important)
  • play dough (it gives some focus off the problem and moves energy through the finger tips)
  • family photos
  • crystals (amethyst and clear quartz)

Make a list of the things you would include in your Cloudy Day Box and make it next weeks goal to fill your box.

8. Clear out Toxic People and Products

“I like my products the way I like my people; non-toxic!”

 Someone has probably already sprung to mind! There are people in this life that like to suck the life out of you. Firstly, don’t be that person, secondly, steer clear of those people! Here is a wonderful step-by-step guide to removing or creating boundaries around toxic people.

Toxic Products: to list them all would be overwhelming. So begin simple and go slow! As a household item runs out (i.e. toothpaste or body wash) replace it with a natural counterpart. Remember that not all natural solutions are made equal so do your research. I find a great sense of achievement from making my own products and often refer to Our Natural Nook for inspiration. Elkwood Holistic Living also create fantastic products with a commitment to holistic health and the environment. 

9. Celebrate your Achievements

Ok so this is an area I’m still learning! Often I will set goals, then achieve them, then move straight on to the next. Where was my celebration? Did I give myself a chance to accept and reflect on my success? I think that recognising your achievements is really important, otherwise you are at risk of burning out. It doesn’t have to be anything huge! A coffee, writing it down, telling a friend, shout it from the rooftops!! How do you celebrate your successes (comment below)?

10. Start Reading a New Book

When was the last time you finished an entire book? I know it seems difficult some times, and therefore we tend to give up on our love affair with books. Reading is good for your health, it offers an escape from reality, it increases your knowledge and it is highly therapeutic. Firstly figure out what genre you like. Im a self-help addict! Perhaps you like romance or mysteries? Go out and buy yourself a new book! Heck even making it second hand if you can. And if you can’t do it for yourself then consider your positive impact on your children! Guess what makes our children love language and reading? Seeing their mummas read and love books!

If you enjoyed the content in this post then check out our ‘Mindful Mumma Manifestos’ its the perfect wall print to give you a daily reminder on living your best and most conscious life yet.

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