How to be a Wildflower

How to be a Wildflower

So many of you messaged me wanting to know the book that I used to introduce the Crystal Discovery Kit. I’m a huge children’s book nerd and a loud advocate for reading from birth. I’d love to introduce you to my new favourite Nature Study book..


‘How to be a Wildflower: a field guide by Katie Daisy’ is a book that celebrates the endless opportunities of a nature immersed lifestyle. The book takes you through Katie’s journey of the soil of the United States, however it’s practical and relevant for readers across the world.

Katie’s book invites readers to wonder, gather, savour and ponder and this is how the book is sectioned to include: things to do and make, quotes, meditations, natural history, and more.

Wild free page

Every single page has been hand painted and invites your imagination to take the wildest ride across waterfalls, trekking rainforests and cooking strawberry rhubarb pie. All 208 pages of this guidebook capture the exact essence of living amongst the wildflowers. As you read you’ll be introduced to species of birds, scientific plant names, play challenges and inspirational manifestos. The middle of the book even has a page to press your flowers ?

I’d recommend this book for all age children; it’s visual elements capture the young whilst it’s whimsical stories and daring recipes entertain the older readers.

“For every wild and free spirit—and those who aspire to be—this is a field guide to living life to the fullest.”

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