Home Organisation – In all its glory

Home Organisation – In all its glory

The benefits of an Organised Home


Welcome to the world of home organisation. An organised home can mean different things to different people, on so many different levels. There’s a common assumption that people are either organised, or they’re not. Our homes are a reflection on who we are, how we live, and the things we enjoy. It’s not about always having a perfect home that is neat and tidy, or a perfectly styled home. Making your home it’s best version for you is the goal. Bringing an element of organisation into your home, in all its glory, has many benefits.


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BY Melissa – Bright Box Solutions

Benefit 1: Clutter Free

Clutter, and especially decluttering, are popular words right now. Reducing the volume of material items in your home can immediately reduce any feelings of overwhelm and anxiety around the things you chose to surround yourself with. You can then focus and enjoy what you have – and extreme minimalism is not required! Its about enjoying what you have and surrounding yourself with items that make you happy. Decluttering your home often requires physical activity, which can give you an energy boost, while at the same time doesn’t often require a lot of concentration – its great to be able to let your mind wander. Creating organisation from a clutter free space is a huge achievement which can give a great self confidence boost! Clutter can be a huge tension in family relationships, especially when priorities and expectations differ. Working together to create your home with a similar vision to other family members is a great start in easing these tensions. 

Benefit 2: Time 

There is no doubt an organised home can help in managing time better. When everything has a place, less time is being spent on trying to find items that you were sure you left in a particular spot! Last minute morning rummages to find that belt, or your child’s special book they were reading last week, is never fun when rushing out the door. Being organised can literally allow you to tick more off your to do list each day. Visual clutter can be a real time grabber when you’re constantly looking around at all that needs to be done. 

Benefit 3: Systems

Once your home is organised, its much easier to create, implement and maintain systems within your home that make day to day life much easier. It allows family members to be a part of creating and implementing systems also – whether it’s a family calendar or putting all towels in a laundry basket to be washed, or a lovely album that has been created for sentimental treasures. 

Benefit 4: Reducing our environmental impact

For some, decluttering can be a huge ah ha moment. We realise often that less is more. That we can reduce the pressure on the environment by buying less from here on in. When our home is organised, we are less likely to go buy that fifth set of linen, as its too hard to find where the rest are at the back of the linen cupboard (we’ve all been there!).

Benefit 5: Children 

The impact an organised home has on children is immeasurable. There is no doubt they flourish in this environment. By nature, children love to have a place for everything and are drawn to order (regardless of how much chaos and mess they often make!) Kids love to mimic us in all we do. By creating an orderly space, especially for their toys, this allows them to enjoy as much unstructured and free play as possible. They can then truly enjoy and appreciate what they own – with the hope that they put some of their toys away (this is where the mimicking comes in!)

The hardest part of organising is often knowing how. Try to start small, and not let the vision of the pictured result be too overwhelming. Start with surfaces by clearing them – put the larger items away, and the smaller items into your favourite baskets to organise later. Then start with a space or a room in your home that will have the most impact on you or your family immediately. Remember, ok is often good enough – just make your home your own. And most of all, remember to be kind to yourself. 


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