Creating Calm Dinner Time Rituals with Young Children

Creating Calm Dinner Time Rituals with Young Children

Whether you are a working family, stay at home mum, large family or single; we can all agree that dinner time can be the most stressful time of the day. You will have the opportunity to engage and ask questions so that this can be a super useful and practical event for the whole family.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Elizabeth Anne Walker, whom discussed mindful strategies and tips to help create calm dinner time rituals for families with young children.

Watch the VIDEO interview here.

The key findings were:
– The Mother’s mindset matters so stay calm and model calm behaviour (epigenetics)


1. Get children involved in the preparation . Even as babies they can be positioned to watch kitchen prep (ensure safety).
2. Children aren’t always hungry at the same time. Watch your child not the clock
3. Don’t force an empty plate. We are naturally grazers and should eat several small meals rather than 3 full meals. Children might come back to food several times in one meal.
4. There is one meal for everyone in the house. Don’t provide different meals for everyone. Offer foods that you know your child doesn’t like, as those taste buds change. Offer those foods next to foods that you know they love.
5. Stay calm. Don’t make eating an emotional need and don’t attach emotions to it such as ‘yay I’m so proud you are that’. In order for you to stay calm you need to be practicing self-care and mindfulness. Food prep or batch cook to assist. Adjust our expectations, children need a lot less food than we think and no child has ever started from being offered food.
6. We eat all meals at the table. We don’t force children to sit at the table, but if they aren’t at the table then they aren’t eating.
7. Ensure you are serving dinner at the correct time. Aim to eat approximately 10-12hrs from wake up time. Again this is an approximation, your child won’t eat if they aren’t hungry.
8. Create beautiful rituals that signify dinner as a time to bond and connect. No technology, all mobile phones go out of site, no tv. Light candles or pass around a special item. Say prayer or tell us something about your day that made you happy, sad and greatful. It’s important to model a healthy expression of negative emotions.

This is only a very short summary, the video is packed with LOADS more information!


About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is a Heart Centred Master Time Line Therapy® Practitioner, Master NLP Coach and Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Registered Nurse and Midwife of over 21 years.

Elizabeth has been in education for many years including as a lecturer in both Medicine and Nursing at Sydney University and Western Sydney University. Elizabeth holds qualifications in Aromatherapy, Holistic Counselling, Massage, Energetic and Natural Healing and uses these modalities in conjunction with all she does. Elizabeth is a Mother to two young men Jack and Cameron and step mother to four more! She understands the value of your time and connects with the challenge of running a business and managing a large family.
Elizabeth highly values and loves her phenomenal partner and husband, in Simon Walker, who she says is her rock and confidant as she lives and pursues her life purpose.

The purpose of her life is to embody Love, Joy and Passion visible to all. To assist people all over the world to do the same through education and personal breakthroughs. Elizabeth revels in her Passion for people and making connections from a Heart Centred Position of Love

Watch the VIDEO interview here

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