Creating a Mindful Living Environment that encourages a Calm, Conscious and Connected life

Creating a Mindful Living Environment that encourages a Calm, Conscious and Connected life

Our lives are becoming increasingly busy; work, travel, full schedules and an abundance of technology. Many of us are struggling to wind down, get to sleep, and we never really feel like we are living in the moment. We operate on auto pilot simply getting through the day, forgetting things and struggling to enjoy the pure beauty life has to offer. Living mindlessly and acting unconsciously eventually takes an effect on our health (physically, mentally and spiritually), but it can also begin to effect the people around us, particularly our children. We cram our children’s lives with things to do, we drag them around to help us complete our errands, our reliance on technology keeps us from true connected play and we become frazzled and frustrated with them at the drop of a hat. Does this sound like you? I can relate because it was once me too. From years of trial and error I’ve discovered that the most powerful changes begin in the home.
Here are my simple tips for creating a calmer, conscious and connected family home.

1. Quality Air:

  • open windows daily for fresh air
  • incorporate indoor house plants into all rooms especially those with electronics
  • use salt lamps to purify the air

2. Lox Tox:

  • substitute cleaning and personal care products to natural/ low toxic alternatives,
  • avoid plastics and opt for glass food storage
  • avoid artificial fragrances in sprays, candles and perfumes

3. Stimulate the senses:

  1. make the switch to 100% pure essential oils and candles – avoid synthetic fragrances,
  2. decide what makes you feel calm- is it acoustic music playing or silence? Incorporate moments of this into your day

What smells, textures, colours make YOU smile? Is it freshly baked muffins or clean laundry? Make note of this

4. Create nooks/ areas of happiness and comfort:

  • display happy photos and remove ones that give you a negative emotion
  • incorporate art that you like on the walls
  • use textured or colourful cushions
  • have a book shelf to display your favourite books
  • think about things that make you comfortable? Is it a fire place or blankets, perhaps its fluffy socks

5. De-clutter:

  • our days are short and we don’t want to spend them cleaning, so get rid of stuff
  • prioritise your time spent on cleaning for things that make you happy
  • minimise one room at a time
  • organise- everything should have a set space to avoid the house getting so messy

6. Make mindfulness a habit

  • Use certain times of the day or visual cues to remind yourself to stop and check in on your head space

Example- make dinner and bed rituals that incorporate harmony and gratitude, use the time that you brush your teeth or that the kettle boils to ask yourself how you are feeling

7. Create a cloudy day box

A cloudy day box is a special box that you pull out and use on the hard (cloudy) days. Everyones cloudy day box will be a little bit different, this is what I’ve included in mine:

  • books- self help and inspirational quotes
  • printed affirmation cards
  • Tahitian scented candles (my favourite)
  • Mandala colouring in and sharp pencils
  • Sad movies (The Notebook, King Kong and I am Sam) everyone enjoys a good cry
  • cosy socks (pink fluffy)
  • face masks (self care is important)
  • play dough (it gives some focus off the problem and moves energy through the finger tips)
  • family photos
  • crystals (amethyst and clear quartz)

Make a list of the things you would include in your Cloudy Day Box and make it next weeks goal to fill your box.

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