Coronavirus- Explaining it to children & activities to do with your kids whilst in Isolation


Explaining Coronavirus to young children:

I’ve started compiling a list of wonderful resources that help to explain this pandemic to young children. It is important that we explain pandemics to children openly and honestly, but without instilling fear or worry.

– Use age appropriate language
– Remove your own emotion (be mindful of your body language also)
– Don’t use scare tactics i.e “people will die”
– Don’t make any promises you cannot control such as “I promise we won’t get it”
– Be open to questions
– Focus on prevention and the importance of hand washing

Click through to the following links (please check their relevance and appropriateness before showing your child):

➡️ Visual on the importance of hand washing

➡️ Science experiment to learn about viruses

➡️ Cartoon strip explaining coronavirus

➡️ Worksheets for processing emotions

➡️ Video for parents about media coverage and exposure for children

➡️ NZ prime minister & Scientists explaining the virus with a soft teddy





A visual hand washing poster to print and display in your bathroom:





Free Activities to enjoy from the comfort of your own home:

I have compiled a list of FREE activities that you can do online or from your own home using household items.

Click the title to be taken to the page.

➡️ Virtual Field Trips


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