How to colour Rice; a step-by-step guide

How to colour Rice; a step-by-step guide

Have you been putting off colouring rice because it seems too hard? I know I was, but honestly colouring rice is one of the simplest sensory recipes you’ll ever follow. Once you try it and see how well received it is by children you’ll regret not doing it sooner!


What you’ll need:

– white rice

– food colourong

– cooking white vinegar

– sealable container or zip lock bag

– bake tray

Rice colour ingredients


– Add 1 cup of rice to a sealable container

– Add 3 drops of colouring to the rice

– Add a tablespoon of vinegar to the rice

– Replace the container lid

– Continue to shake the container until all rice is evenly coloured

– Lay on the bake tray to air dry

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