Cloud Day Box; Motherhood Emergency Kit

Cloud Day Box; Motherhood Emergency Kit

Cloudy Day Box

aka motherhood #emergencykit
You know those days that you feel like you are one word away from boiling over? You are desperately in need of some #selfcarebut you’re home with the kids and there’s no one coming to save you. I like to pull out my Cloudy Day Box! A #cloudydaybox is a special box that you use on the hard (cloudy) days ☁️☁️☁️.


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BY Amie – Growing Kind


Everyones box will look a little bit different but this is what I’ve included in mine:

🔅books- self help and inspirational quotes
🔅printed affirmation cards
🔅scented candles (my favourite are Tahitian)
🔅 Mandala colouring in and sharp pencils
🔅 Uplifting or Sad movies (The Notebook, King Kong and I am Sam) everyone enjoys a good cry
🔅 cosy socks (pink fluffy)
🔅 face masks (self care is important)
🔅 play dough (it gives some focus off the problem and moves energy through the finger tips)
🔅 family photos
🔅 crystals (amethyst and clear quartz for centring me)
🔅 a journal (to write down all of my thoughts)
The children can get involved in lots of these activities and they tend to make your day that little bit easier. Get them to draw whilst you journal; enjoy play dough together; read them some of your affirmations or self help books; share your face masks.
What would you put in your box? Comment Below

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  1. Stacey

    What a lovely idea x

  2. Peita

    I’m so doing this! What a wonderful way to nurture yourself xx

  3. Maria

    Love this idea! Will give it a whirl.


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