What is Mindfulness?

A quick google search of ‘Mindfulness’ will bring up hundreds of definitions, many sound complex but they all have common themes.   Here are my 5 favourites:    “Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating conscious awareness of our thoughts, feelings and...

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How to stay present as an #InstaMama

  Be present. Live in the moment. Be mindful. You’ve probably these phrases heard it thrown around the ‘gram a lot in the last year. Staying ‘Present’ or ‘Mindful’ is the new black, but is it possible to achieve this while maintaining an online presence for you...

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Using Crystals to Heal; Our Calm Place

You may already be a big believer in crystals or they may be a new concept to you, either way, there’s no question that they carry some pretty incredible high vibes, that can be used to help you heal - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Whether it be...

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