5 Free and Simple activities to help your baby stimulate their sensory system (aka- learn)

From your child’s first day of life to approximately five years, 90% of their brain development occurs. Every sight, smell, sound and sensation makes an impact. Your babies brain develops through use, therefore your baby needs an environment that provides lots of opportunities for sensory stimulation and learning.

Sensory Play for babies doesn’t need to be complex; in fact you can use household items. Here are 5 SIMPLE and FREE activities to try with your baby:

  1. Exposure to contrasting colours such as black/ white and red

  2. Change up the lighting- try fairy lights or dimming the lights

  3. Gentle tickles using a face cloth or feather

  4. Swinging from side to side- on a gym ball supported or in arms

  5. Read books- Use a variety of voice tones and add tactile props

Download Printable Tips and Contrast Chart: 5 baby free ideas

Would you like more sensory play ideas for your baby or toddler? Check out our First Years of Life #sensoryplayprompts that are available in an electronic or hard copy.