22 of my Favourite Quotes for Mindful Living

22 of my Favourite Quotes for Mindful Living

Mindfulness has become a really popular topic over the last few years. The term ‘mindfulness’ is enough to scare some, however its really a simple concept that everyone can and should aim to achieve. A lot of people talk about mindfulness as if it’s a tool, however I believe that mindfulness is a choice of lifestyle. There are many tools to achieve a mindful state; meditation, exercise, journalling, gratitude, and organisation to name a few.

There is spirituality in mindfulness (you can make it as woo-woo as you like) BUT it’s backed by real hard science about how the brain works (called Neuroplasticity)!

Mindful living takes practice. We can use the analogy of working your bicep muscles at the gym. The first few times you try to work on them it hurts, its uncomfortable, its painful. The results are not instant. Once you become more consistent it becomes easier. Slowly with time you see the results you want BUT you have to continue using it or you lose it. I don’t tell you this to scare you off! Im telling you because I want you to achieve, so you must know that mindfulness isn’t a life style that you can learn about once and it’ll stick. It takes lots of tools an consistency. 

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